%100 Hondarrabi Zuri

The winery

Situated 300 meters above Cantabrian sea level. Close to heaven.

K5 Winery

The K5 Winery, is located outside of Aia, 9km from Zarautz, and is situated 300 meters above sea level. The scenic view from the winery highlights our surrounding 15 hectares descending down towards the Cantabrian Sea, with a backdrop of the ¨ Raton of Getaria ¨and the quaint fishing village of Orio.

The winery was designed by the architects at Alonso & Balaguer. The building is a perfect compliment to the natural landscape while respecting all of its natural surroundings.

The vineyard

Our vineyards, 100% Hondarribi Zuri, grow at 300mts above sea level in mineral rich soils of chalk, limestone, and shale. The Atlantic climate marks a major character, based on the influences of the Bay of Biscay and the altitude, which provides for higher temperature ranges resulting in better aeration and a natural freshness. For maximum concentration of aromas and flavors, the grape production is on trellises framework while grape yields are kept low with averages between 1.5 and 2.0 kg. These factors are what provide an unprecedented personality to "K5" and "K Pilota" that distinguishes it from other wines.

One grape, two wines

%100 Hondarrabi Zuri
K5 Argiñano
11 months
on lees
K pilota
5 months
on lees

Human team

K5 whole team works every day to offer an exceptional txakoli. Wanting to reach all corners of the world.

A team

Close friends

Two wines

Friendships between Basques mean gathering around a table for good eating and drinking.
In our case, a tradition of Friday dinner either at different restaurants in the area or in our gastronomic society "Arraldetxiki" Zarautz.
Between jokes and arguments about who cooks better, we discovered the complex world of wine, particularly wine of our land which is made from the indigenous grapes "Hondarrabi Zuri”. It began first as a joke ¨ why not make our own wine?¨.
After much work the dream of five basque friends became a reality, K5 was born.


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